Sunday, November 19, 2006

BK Memorial Ride Highlights

The ride in Brian's honor took place on Sunday, November 19th, starting at Cadence Coffee in Bowness and moving through the city to Brian's house in Inglewood. Approximately 120 riders showed up to pay their respects to the man who had such a positive effect on all of our lives.

Here is a video of the procession going down Memorial Drive.

The Synergy Racing Cycle Club team, past and present, were able to find some comfort in the support of all of our friends in the Alberta cycling community and with each other.

I was also very happy that Brian's family could be present to see what a profound effect Brian had on all of us.

A special thank you should go out to Graeme and Jon, who organized the ride and the ceremonies.


sam said...

Reid....the time that you have taken to continuosly keep everyone updated on the events surrounding BK's passing amazes me. DC wanted so much to be a part of a ride where he could not only pay his repects to BK but also be there as a team member to support each other through this difficult loss. Although most of our conversations involved me continuosly interrupting him so that I could reel back a toddler trying to run onto the track to join daddy or craig, he always came back for more conversation. It only took one five minute talk to know that I was next to someone with a very giving and caring heart. I am sure he enjoyed watching this ride today as much as everyone enjoyed being a part if it. Thanks to everyone....

19/11/06 5:54 PM 

mixmasta_cy said...

I really wish I could have been there...

19/11/06 6:44 PM 

Reid Dalgleish said...

Dave & Sam

I post this stuff for you guys. I know you would want to be here. Please send me your email address.

19/11/06 11:19 PM 

Anonymous said...

Reid, I can't thank you enough for keeping my dad and I updated. Unfortunately, we both couldn't make the ride. Its really tough for us to not be home in this difficult time. BK was a great friend, and we have so many good memories. Its a terrible loss. Once again, thanks for keeping us informed.
Ross & Stuart

20/11/06 3:29 PM