Saturday, November 11, 2006

Brian Kullman - Missing Person Report


The Calgary Police Service is seeking public assistance in
locating a missing Calgary man.

Brian Wayne KULLMAN, 39, of Calgary went missing from his
southeast Calgary residence at approximately 10 p.m.,
Tuesday, November 7, 2006. Mr. KULLMAN's car is also missing.

KULLMAN is described as a Caucasian male, 6'2", 154 lbs. with
brown eyes, brown hair and a medium build.

Mr. KULLMAN's car is a silver, 2003 Mercedes Benz C240
station wagon.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Mr. KULLMAN is
asked to contact police immediately at 540-2858 or 266-1234,
or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

BK has been missing for almost three days now. There have been quite a few deadend leads and strange coincidences already affecting the police investigation of the case. As the hours go by, the frustration and stress of not knowing what has happened to Brian is increasing. If ANYONE has any information about BK, a financial investment acquaintance of BK's named Bill, or has had contact with him in the past 60 hours, please contact the police.


Jeff said...

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10/11/06 1:00 PM

Reid Dalgleish said...

Nothing. Nothing at all.

10/11/06 1:14 PM

Brenda Dyck said...

bk, sweet man, where are you?

10/11/06 1:53 PM

Cheralee said...

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10/11/06 2:01 PM

Anonymous said...

Hey you,

Im in Austin Texas at the moment and i just heard about BK. PLEASE keep me posted Reid. I cant beleive this its awful!! i just hope that he is safe


10/11/06 5:48 PM

Mr Carter said...

so am i to understand that bk's buddy bill is missing too?

10/11/06 5:52 PM

Anonymous said...


Thanks for keeping us all updated. I've been checking your blog and Jon's all day. I'm worried about bk and your blogs are my only source of info.


10/11/06 7:57 PM

Reid Dalgleish said...

This Bill in particular is one that none of us know. Bob McKerrell was the last of our circle of acquaintances to see BK on Tuesday night and this Bill guy was still as BK's after Bob left. Bill is a 'person of interest' that the police would like to speak to but still have not tracked down yet.

We still haven't heard yet from the investigators whether the fire in the basement of BK's house was deliberately set or not. I am hoping it was a freaky coincidence and has nothing to do with what is going on. The cops say they see this weird coincidence stuff all the time so I have hope that this is still in that category.

As far as the stories last night that the car was found in Lethbridge, as far as I know this isn't true or is not verified yet.

10/11/06 8:11 PM

Reid Dalgleish said...

I am hoping to get an update from Liane tonight, but if not I will try to get more info tomorrow. Unfortunately, it's appears to be a stress-inducing waiting game for all of us now.

10/11/06 8:13 PM

Anonymous said...

Reid thank you so much for keeping us updated.Like DC your and Jons blog is what i keep checking to see if there is any news. Tonight i will prey to whoever is there that BK is safe.


10/11/06 9:22 PM

Anonymous said...

Hi Reid,
This Bill guy, is that Bill Pappas (spelling??)...and Fire in the basement, what happened??

Where did you go BK....


11/11/06 11:03 AM

Anonymous said...

I raced with Brian on the Synergy team from the late 90's through until about 2001. This morning I was shocked to read about his disappearance in the newspaper. I hope that this all turns out to be a strange string of coincidences and that Brian is safe! I will keep checking back on this blog for more information. Be safe Brian!!!


11/11/06 4:31 PM

Reid Dalgleish said...

I don't know who Bill Pappas is. S, if you know of a Bill with a relationship with BK, maybe you should contact someone.

As of today, there is still nothing new. There were several people who were asked to the Police HQ for video testimonies for the possibility of a criminal case. The police told Liane last night that they had made some progress in the case yesterday, but otherwise are not divulging any more information. I talked to BK's brother this afternoon and I am going over to Brian's mom and dad's house tomorrow to see how they are making out. From what Brian's brother said, they are taking this all pretty hard as one would suspect.

11/11/06 5:26 PM