Saturday, November 11, 2006

The latest City bulletin

Date: Sat Nov 11 19:36:26 2006
From: Duty Inspector


The Calgary Police Service is requesting the assistance of
the public in the ongoing investigation into the suspicious
disappearance of 39 year old Calgary resident Brian Kullman.

Mr. Kullman was last seen by friends and family on the
evening of Tuesday, 2006 November 7th at 22:30 hours. On
Wednesday, November 8th at 19:40 hours, the Calgary Police
Service and the Calgary Fire Department responded to the
residence of Brian Kullman in relation to a house fire. The
circumstances surrounding this fire resulted in the Arson
Unit being called in to investigate the cause.

On Thursday evening, 2006 November 9th, the Arson Unit
discovered further suspicious circumstances which resulted in
the activation of the Calgary Police Service Violent Crime
Team 1 (Homicide Unit) to assist in this investigation.

On Friday morning, 2006 November 10th, a 'Missing Persons'
investigation was initiated to locate the home owner Brian
Kullman as well as a 2003 Mercedes Benz C240 motor vehicle.
On Friday afternoon, the RCMP responded to the discovery of a
body found near the side of highway 66 in the Kananaskis
Country. Forensic investigators from the RCMP and Calgary
Police Service scoured the scene today and have not yet
determined the identity of this adult male person.

Early Saturday morning, 2006 November 11th, the 2003 Mercedes
Benz C240 vehicle belonging to Brian Kullman was located in
South East Calgary. This vehicle is currently being examined
by the Calgary Police Service Forensic Crimes Scenes Unit.

Investigators would like to speak to the friends and
associates of Mr. Kullman who had any dealing with him up to
the time of his disappearance. These individuals are asked
to call police at 266-1234. Any other person(s) having
information on this incident is also asked to
call police at 266-1234 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222

Duty Inspector Luch Berti for Staff Sergeant Barry Cochran of
the Violent Crime Unit (Homicide).


Anonymous said...


Thank you for the update, I just wish it contained better news. This press release has a much different tone than the previous one. I don't like the sound of this, and I am really worried about Brian.


11/11/06 9:49 PM

Reid Dalgleish said...

I know DC. I don't want to fear the worst, but it's not sounding very good.

11/11/06 10:27 PM

Mary said...

Can you let Brian's family know there has been a wide circle of prayer going out? I have known Brian for 8 years and spoke with him two weeks ago. All of this is pretty hard to take and doesn't seem real.

12/11/06 8:24 AM

Mr Carter said...

reid -

thanks for your efforts in keeping all of us up to date. all of this is so unreal - i'm still having a hard time accepting it.

12/11/06 9:31 AM